Merry Christmas, Tepper isn't going out

Merry Christmas, Tepper isn't going out

Posted by Team Packaging Decor on Dec 22nd 2023

Gift-wrapping a cherished book with gusto and speed

one softbound national bestseller book,
one holiday greeting card,
one adhesive gift wrap merchandise bag (CB753-53).

Calvin Trillin's novel is a fictionalized account about parking privileges in New York City, and marketing lists.

The softbound measures 5¼" wide x 8" long x ½" high

CB753-53 is a flat bag that measures 6" wide x 9¼" long

The 9¼" length does not include the length of the 1" flap which has adhesive strip. In this series of adhesive merchandise gift wrap bags, the next size up, as pictured, is CB754-53.

The book fits so perfectly in this gift wrap bag that they will think it's bespoke. And, there's enough room to add a nice holiday greeting card.

Engage the adhesive by first removing the film strip covering it on the flap.

Then, simply press over the flap to fasten it. No tape or cutting necessary.

Side of bag with flap fastened to bag

Front side of bag

Thank you for your autograph, Mr. Trillin!