Recycled Canvas Bags

Recycled Canvas Bags

Posted by Team Packaging Decor on Feb 22nd 2022

Our recycled canvas fabric is a blend of unused leftover cotton fabrics from textile mills. Had they not been recycled and processed into new fabric, these unused leftover fabrics would otherwise have been thrown away. Recycling fabric helps prevent usable material from being thrown away and adding to landfill waste. So many environmental resources are involved in producing new cotton that it is such a shame to have to throw away unused fabrics. 

The recycling process involves collecting cotton fabrics of the same color. The threads are pulled apart from the fabrics. The threads of fabric are then spun into new yarn and woven together to make recycled canvas fabric. There is no dyeing involved to make our colors. The blend of fabrics forms a unique look and texture that actually can only be made through this recycling process. Each batch comes out a bit differently depending on the textile fabric scraps collected for recycling.

Made from Gray Recycled Canvas Fabric

Recycled Canvas Tote Bags - Gray
Recycled Canvas Zipper Bags - Gray

Black Recycled Canvas Zipper Pouches