Recycled Canvas Bento Box Totes

Recycled Canvas Bento Box Totes

Posted by Team Packaging Decor on Nov 27th 2023

Looking for a reusable tote to carry your lunch to work?

Here is a tote from our selection of cotton bags made of gray recycled canvas fabric. Recycled means that virgin cotton fabric was not used to make this fabric. New dyes were not used to create the gray fabric color. Instead, we closed the loop, and redirected already produced but unused "overage" (extra fabric) from textile production. Gray colored fabrics of the same material (cotton canvas) were collected, threads were pulled, new yarn was spun from these threads, and woven into this canvas fabric. That is why it is called recycled. We do not necessitate resources being spent on growing and producing more cotton, but instead we take what has already been produced, and the end result is a unique soft and textured blend, variegated in color, that would not have been possible otherwise.      


Item#:   B864-70

width x height x depth:   8 x 10 x 5 inches

material:   gray recycled canvas fabric bag with non-recycled cotton handles 

"Vacation for Life" is a trademark of Sanctity Industries, Inc. in Tustin, CA.